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      Zhejiang Dragon Chemical Group Company


      1. Dragon Enterprise Co.,Ltd
      Foundation: 1989
      Location: 16Fl., Tower B, Qingchun Development Building, 66 East Qingchun Road, Hangzhou, 310016 China
      Note: In 1989, the predecessor of Dragon chemical was set up in Hangzhou. As the main distributing company, we gradully expand from trade to production, R&D, analysis, marketing, logistics etc.
      And now the headquarter of Dragon Group is also located here.
      2. Zhejiang Dragon Chemical Co.,Ltd
      Foundation: 1994
      Location: Haining foreign development zone, Zhejiang, China
      Mainly produce hair colorants, intermediates of liquid crystal material, pigment, pharmaceuticals, color imagin, polymer monomers and etc. which need high and strict requirement for technology and management.
      Capacity: 10 multi-purpose production lines, 2000mt/year.
      Total employee: 300(technical staff: 140)
      Area: 90,000m2
      Registered capital: USD 7 million
      Workshop: 3 /pilot plant: 1 /QA&QC center/R&D center/waste water treatment
      Capacity: benzene/naphthalene/AQ ring& hyterocycle in termediates about 2000mt/year
      3. Yancheng Dragon Chemical Co., Ltd. 
      Foundation: 2004
      Location: Binhai chemical industry zone, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
      Mainly produce the intermediates of dyestuff, cagrochemicals and etc.
      Capacity: 3 multi-purpose production lines, 600mt/year

      Dragon Chemical Europe GmbH
      Foundation: 2005
      Location: Wehrhahn Center, Oststrasse 10 40211 Dusseldorf, Germany
      Mainly produce the intermediates of dyestuff, agrochemical and etc.
      Our first oversea office in order to expand the market in Europe. 


      Zhejiang Dragon Technology Co., Ltd. 
      Foundation: 2007
      Location: Linjiang chemical zone, Hangzhou,Zhejiang, China
      Mainly produce hair colorant, polymer monomers and the intermediates of pharmaceuticals, liquid crystal and etc.
      Capacity: 20 multi-purpose production lines, 4000mt/year (plan)

      6. Binhai Baiyun Chemical Co., Ltd.
      Fundation: 2012
      Location: Binhai chemical industry zone, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
      Mainly produce the intermediates of agrochemicals, dyestuff, pigments and etc.
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