In search of balance

In Rome, she eats.
In India, she prays.
In Bali, she loves.

I did not review other people's comment before writing this. I just express my own feeling. To be honest, It is not such an amazing movie. But totally worth the two and half hours. totallly love Juliet Roberts.

Eat Pray Love. Love it.

"Dolcee far nirentee"

The seeking of balance is the process of self-saving, of collecting up all the scattered parts that could make one complete.

The movie is all about hearling based on a popluar novel which was recommanded by several outstanding women, like Hillary cliton.

The part in which the protagonist was in Rome and Napoli brought back memories of last year’s New Year when I traveled with Melia in Italy. We were amazed by all the beautiful scenes in Rome, Naples and Capri. More enjoyable was that we were seeking good food all the time. Really, all the time. I don’t remember how many meals we had every day… As long as we wanted it, we sat down and ate! Of course we had to bear with the rudeness and embarrassment of language barrier once in a while. But compared with the experience and true happiness of enjoying life, the roughness almost became part of the beauty. I like the philosophy in the movie of enjoying food and not worrying too much about muffin tops :). More and more I feel I am at the camp of indulgence – do what makes me happy instead of what makes me look good (in every way, not just physically).

"Americans know entertainment,but don't know pleasure.
Americans,you know your problems?You work too hard,then you get bured out,then you come home and spend the whole weekend in your pajama in front of the TV."

Rome. Italian food and Italian language indulge people with pleasure, le plaisir de la vie. This movie nearly brings back my memory when I was in Rome.It may have a polluted environment, but the beauty is beyond imagination. The statues, the architectures, the ruins, all these make up ROMA, una bella citta. In this age of entertainment, everything could be entertaining or entertained. Nevertheless, pleasure is a luxury that flees away so fast. I hate it when pleasure is spoiled by entertainment. From sensual pleasure to spiritual pleasure, it is already an elevation of soul.

Liz travels around three places, Italy, Indian and Bali to find the balance AND to regain the passion for food, faith and love.

Dolce far niente – it means in Italian the sweetness of doing nothing. When this line came up in the movie, I felt I once knew what it meant. Not sure I still understand it now. In March or April, I was in Frankfurt. Didn’t have much work to do. On Saturday I woke up at 3pm (still doing this…) with no guilt, opened up my window to let the breeze, the smell, and the noise from the street in. I curled up in my green sofa, staring at the trees, for hours, appreciating the luxury of not HAVING to do anything and ALLOWING myself not to do anything. When it got dark, I would take a shower, dress up, walk out to do grocery shopping, and make myself an experimental dinner (I was a new cook, and still am). All by myself. But never did I feel loneliness. All I felt was peace, balance, and gratefulness for being lucky.

-"That's beautiful,Liz,you should buy it.
-"For who?"
-"For you,just for you."

India. Meditation, does it cure? I've done yoga for years. I still enjoy the experience, however, I really do not know if meditation is my theropy. I would rather pray in a quiet catholic church, with sunlignt coming in from the coloured windows, like what I enjoyed doing in Europe.

In Italy, the way she eats those spagetti really makes me hungry. I remember Liz and her friend celebrate thanksgiving in Italy with her friends. One guy said he is thankful for feeling scary because it is the first time he met a girl who makes him feel scared that she might left him first.

The part in India was not as enjoyable as the one in Italy, nevertheless not less enlightening. One dialogue hit me. The philosophy behind it never occurred to me before.

"The word for Rome?Sexy."

Bali. Oriental dreamland. As I am born and bred in the far east, I really could not feel the charm of Orient. Maybe so many years later, when I shall be so old, with full of memory, I may be admiring what I am neglecting right now. Or all my life, I belong to somewhere which I am not born to. Who knows?

In India, through th meditation ,she figure out some puzzle in her heart.

  • I did love you, Stephen.

  • But I still love you.

  • So love me.

  • And I miss you.

  • So miss me. Send me love and light every time you think of me, then drop it.

"Ruining is a gift.Ruining is the road to transformation."

I wonder what will happen as the film goes on. Will her love in Bali be any different from her love in NYC? I doubt it. At this stage of my life, love is probably the least wanted topic. This doubt comes from myself. Shall I be looking forward to love, even if I know it might disturb my balance?

How to forgive yourself if you have done some awful things, such as stop loving someone but he still loves you.

Sometimes all I need to do to go away from an obsession is to accept the fact that I am obsessed with it. Admit that it takes time to go away. Never be ashamed of expressing nice feelings. Never be overly cool to fake feelings, especially those that will hurt people. Let it be and it will finally fade away, no matter how intense it used to be.

"Even in this eternal city,Augusteum showed me that we must always be prepare for endless ways of transformation."

How to forget someone or move on when you are still in love even you know seperation is the best choice for both of you.

Not too much to say about the love story at the end of the movie. I am not the escaper type, or I haven’t realized that I am.

"I imagine you and Rijul,smiling with each other,and looking at each other with love and kindness."

The most improtant is how to still get the courage to fall in love again.

Turning off the media player, I asked myself, dare I spend a year traveling after graduation, with no income? How much does it actually cost? What is the opportunity cost? At the end, it is not actually a matter of money. I think I can make it if I go budget travel. I am more worried about “wasting” a year. But what does a year mean? It means 1/70 of my life (please pray for my long life so this number goes smaller), or 1//30 of my career. Does it really matter that I get into VC/PE/consulting/whatever a year later than my peers do? Does it really matter that I get promoted a year later than my peers do? Does it really matter that I try something I think I will like? Does it really matter that I try something that might alter the entire life/career? The answers to the 4 questions are No. No. Yes. Yes.

"Waiting for him to forgive you is a waste of time.Forgive yourself."

Maybe LIZ have found her answer, for me, still a puzzle.

So I pretty much conclude this blog entry with madness and excitement. Let’s hope I still hold them when I graduate.

-"..I lost everything...I just wanna to feel nothing...The next day i woke up they were all gone...I missed that all.I missed.. My son is grown up I missed ....."
-"Is this where you forgive yourself?"
-"I'm trying,Elizabeth.I'm trying..."

When Liz finally met someone in Bali. She is so afraid to lose herself cause it seems every relationship she has was a failure. She is so scard cause she spend a whole year to find the balance which now will be destroy by love.

"It don't last forever,nothing does."

Her menter told her losing balance is also a part of keeping balance. This is really a complexing feeling cause I haven't truely understand it until now.

"Hey,Groceries.Believe in love again."

The end is that Liz finally decided to fall in love again. Maybe the whole process of this journey is not about how to avoid love, but how to always be yourself even without love, about how to

"God dwells within you,as you."

there are so many unprepared things in our life. Some of them may change our life or

"You lose balance,you lose power."
"Not so easy,Liz.Smile with face,smile with mind.Even smile in lobe."

Why not see those change as a transition, cause two people who are meant to be together will eventually find their way back.

"You haven't healed that wound.Now you are scared to epen your heart.You are afraid hurt will happen to you again.Only way to heal is to trust.It's OK.To have a broken heart means that you have trusted something."

Eat, pray ,love. Life is a journey,
With such beatiful food, peaceful mind, wonderful scenary, how could you not enjoy it.

澳门新葡亰平台游戏,"You are afraid?I understand.You are afraid of losing yourself.Love is scaring,dangerous.Happened to me.I pray everyday,but husband bad for me.Ive to get away from him.This is where he hit me..and then my daughter,she begged me to leave him.She said that when she was 4yrs old."

"Every one gets that in a relationship.Want too much happinese,too much pleasure,until it makes yourself sick."
"Sometimes to lose balance for love,is a part of balance."

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